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Toward a Bibliography for a Culturally Inclusive Art History

The American Alliance of Museums also has information and resources on diversity issues.

Our deepest thanks go to Annika Marie for her meticulous research and inputting on this project. The panel at the CAA Annual Conference in San Antonio, “Toward a Culturally Inclusive Art Community and Art History,” moderated by Michi Itami and Moira Roth with three panelists (Sutapa Biswas, Theresa Harlan, Lucy R. Lippard), was cosponsored by the Committee on Cultural Diversity and the Education Committee.

As part of the planning of the panel, we asked members of the Committee on Cultural Diversity and the session panelists to contribute some ten items each to the following bibliography. This bibliography should be read not as complete or exhaustive, but rather as a beginning study with the personal viewpoints of the people concerned.

The following people contributed bibliographical suggestions, and we have indicated their names after each citation: Sutapa Biswas, Lynette Bosch, William Charland, Kenneth Sean Golden, Theresa Harlan, Michi Itami, Mame Jackson, Arturo Lindsay, Lucy R. Lippard, Nancy Macko, Moira Roth, W. Jackson Rushing, and Victor Alejandro Sorell.


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