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In Memoriam

CAA recognizes the lives and achievements of the men and women whose work has had a significant impact on the visual arts. The organization accepts and publishes texts written especially for this section of the website. Below are obituaries that have been published online since 2008; authored texts from before this date appear in past issues of CAA News.


Lloyd Engelbrecht, professor emeritus for the art-history program at the University of Cincinnati from 1980 to 2001.


John Varriano

John L. Varriano

Marvin Eisenberg, professor of history of art at the University of Michigan and president of the CAA Board of Directors from 1968 to 1970.

Marilyn Stokstad, a distinguished art historian and president of the CAA Board of Directors from 1978 to 1980.

John L. Varriano, professor at Mount Holyoke College for four decades, a specialist in Baroque and Renaissance art and architecture, gastronomic history, and the art and literature of travel.


Laurie Schneider Adams, a scholar of Italian Renaissance art and in the application of psychoanalytic theory to art history.

Pamela Z. Blum, a historian of medieval art noted for her innovative iconographical and archeological work distinguishing original from restored sculpture at the Royal Abbey Church of Saint-Denis in Paris.

Mojmir S. Frinta, a respected art historian, scholar, and professor emeritus at the State University of New York at Albany.

Piotr Piotrowski, professor ordinarius at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, and a guiding force in the field of Central and Eastern European art history.

John Wesley Williams, an art historian known for his work on Spanish medieval art and a longtime professor at the University of Pittsburgh.


John M. Rosenfield

John M. Rosenfield

Joseph A.“Joe” Gatto, a noted jewelry artist and the founding visual-arts dean of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.

Frederick Horowitz, an artist, art educator, writer, and passionate champion of the work and teaching philosophy of Josef Albers.

Sam Hunter, the founding director of the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University.

Janet Kaplan, professor of art history and director of curatorial studies at Moore College of Art and Design and executive editor of Art Journal from 1995 to 2002.

Donald F. McCallum, a scholar of Japanese art and former professor in the Department of Art History at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Sheila J. McNally, professor emerita of art history at the University of Minnesota.

David Rosand, a professor of art history at Columbia University and a specialist on Italian Renaissance art.

John M. Rosenfeld, a preeminent historian and curator of Asian Art who taught for decades at Harvard University.

Grigorii Iurevich Sternin, a distinguished scholar of Russian nineteenth and early twentieth century art and a chief scientific officer and senior researcher at the Institute of Art History of the Ministry of Culture in Moscow.


Sadayoshi Omoto

Sadayoshi Omoto

Wanda Ewing, an artist and associate professor of art at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Anitra Haendel, an artist and a former CAA staff member.

Udo Kultermann, an internationally recognized scholar and Ruth and Norman Moore Professor Emeritus of Architecture at Washington University in Saint Louis.

Sadayoshi “Sada” Omoto, an artist and art historian who taught for thirty-three years at Michigan State University.

Dimitrii V. Sarabianov, a Russian art historian and a specialist on nineteenth- and twentieth-century art.

Carl N. Schmalz Jr., an artist and art historian who taught for many decades at Bowdoin College and Amherst College.

Jens T. Wollesen, a historian of the art of medieval Italy and Cyprus who taught at the University of Toronto for many years.


David Craven, an art historian, prolific author, and professor at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Eugene F. Farrell, a conservator and former senior conservation scientist at the Harvard Art Museums’ Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies.

Jeffrey P. Hayes, professor of art history and director of the master’s degree program in liberal studies at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Natalie Boymel Kampen, a pioneering feminist scholar and professor of Roman art history and gender studies at Columbia University and Barnard College.

Michael Rabe, a scholar of South Asian art and a professor at Xavier University in Chicago.


Franciose Weinmann

Francesca Weinmann

Karl Kilinski II, a professor of Greek and Egyptian art at Southern Methodist University.

Karin Christine Nelson, a Bay Area author, administrator, and curator who specialized in textiles.

George Thomas Noszlopy, a Hungarian-born art historian who emigrated to England and taught in Birmingham for many years.

Nancy Shelby Schuller, senior lecturer and curator of the Visual Resources Collection for the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin.

Francesca Weinmann, the founder of the Art History Department at American University in Paris who taught there for three decades.


Angela Rosenthal

Angela Rosenthal

Todd DeVriese, an artist, educator, and dean of the College of Fine Arts and Humanities at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

Marvin Lowe, an artist, musician, and longtime professor of printmaking at Indiana University.

Marlene Park, an artist historian of twentieth-century American art, a public-art preservationist, and a photographer.

Angela Rosenthal, an associate professor of art history at Dartmouth College and a scholar of eighteenth-century European art.

Anne L. Schroder, curator and academic program coordinator at Duke University’s Nasher Museum of Art.

Sylvia Sleigh, a painter, feminist, and the recipient of CAA’s Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2008.

Ronald Wiedenhoeft, an art historian whose documentary photographs formed the basis of Saskia, a provider of images for the teaching of art history.


John Howett

John Howett

Bernard Hanson, a New England-based art historian, art critic, and professor.

John Howett, a professor of art history at Emory University for thirty years.

Michael Kabotie, a Hopi artist, muralist, jeweler, poet, and printmaker whose work promoted understanding of traditional Hopi teachings.

Robert Kaupelis, an artist, art teacher, and author of Learning to Draw.

Karl Lunde, an art historian who taught for many years at William Paterson University and who directed a New York gallery, the Contemporaries, from 1956 to 1965.

Hans A. Lüthy, a Swiss historian of nineteenth-century French art who organized traveling exhibitions of Swiss art.


Mildred Constantine, a former curator of design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and a CAA member since 1938.

Carol Purtle, a professor of art history at the University of Memphis and a scholar of fifteenth-century Flemish art.

Stuart Cary Welch Jr., curator emeritus of Islamic and later Indian art at the Harvard Art Museum and former special consultant in charge in the Department of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


For more information or to submit an obituary for consideration, please write to Christopher Howard, CAA managing editor.

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