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Standards and Guidelines

About CAA Standards and Guidelines

Since its founding in 1911, CAA has regularly issued Standards and Guidelines—professional practices for the fields of art and art history—which are developed by CAA’s committee, special task forces, and affiliated societies and presented to the Board of Directors for approval or endorsement. CAA encourages all members, institutional and individual, to read, understand, and use these documents. Published formally since 1973, the Standards and Guidelines are divided into five categories. The date in parentheses indicated when the document was written or last revised.

Please direct all queries regarding archived versions of CAA’s Standards and Guidelines to Katie Apsey, Manager of Programs. In order to see which standards and guidelines are archived, please browse CAA’s finding aid. For questions about current guidelines, please contact Betty Leigh Hutcheson.

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Legal Issues

Best Practices

All Visual Arts Professionals

Artists and Faculty in Visual Art and Design

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