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Feature Articles from CAA News

For the Features section, CAA has gathered articles, interviews, and reports from recent issues of CAA News. Texts written especially for the CAA website are also published here.

Feature Articles

Fair Use in the Visual Arts: Detroit Happenings (May 2015)

Fair Use in the Visual Arts: The News Spreads (May 2015)

Update on CAA Task Forces (April 2015)

Institute of Fine Arts Publishes Report on Trends in Graduate Education (March 2015)

2015 CAA-Getty International Program Participants Attend Annual Conference in New York (March 2015)

A Positive Outlook for Arts Graduates: Interview with the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (February 2015)

CAA Names Recipients for 2015 CAA-Getty International Program (December 2014)

An Interview with Dave Hickey (November 2014)

CAA Update from the President (November 2014)

Digital Art History Takes Off (October 2014)

An Interview with DeWitt Godfrey (May 2014)

Kanwal Khalid: 2014 International Travel Grant Recipient (April 2014)

Lilianne Lugo: 2014 International Travel Grant Recipient (April 2014)

CAA Participates in Roundtables on Orphan Works and Mass Digitization (March 2014)

2014 International Travel Grant Recipients Attend the Chicago Conference (March 2014)

Why Art Is Dangerous: Making Art Is Making Trouble (February 2014)

CAA and the Monuments Men (February 2014)

Report on “Fair Use: Art and Copyright Online” at Eyebeam Artists in Conversation (February 2014)

2014 Recipients of CAA’s International Travel Grants (December 2013)

Sheryl Reiss Interview: Fifteenth Anniversary for caa.reviews (November 2013)

Detroit Bankruptcy and the Detroit Institute of Arts (October 2013)

Robert Storr Convocation Address (September 2013)

Staff Spotlight: Alan Gilbert (August 2013)

Call to Action by the Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences (June 2013)

Report on Part-Time Faculty in Art History and Studio Art (June 2013)

ArtTable Launches Public Programs on Digitization of the Art World (April 2013)

Summary of Ithaka S + R Survey Findings (April 2013)

Rethinking Humanities Graduate Education with Digital Humanities Centers (April 2013)

My Trip to New York (Thanks to CAA and the Getty Foundation (March 2013)

Twenty International Travel Grant Recipients Attend CAA’s Annual Conference (March 2013)

CAA Committee on Intellectual Property 2013 Annual Conference Session: Developing a Fair Use Code for the Visual Arts (March 2013)

CAA’s Task Force on Fair Use Meets during Annual Conference (March 2013)

Reflections on the Annual Conference, the Year Past, and the Year to Come (March 2013)

Final Report of the Task Force on Annual Conference Technologies (March 2013)

Bridging the Digital Divide and So Much More (February 2013)

Recipients of 2013 International Travel Grants (November 2012)

A Conversation with Anne Collins Goodyear (November 2012)

Mira Schor at the 2013 Annual Artists’ Interviews (October 2012)

Janine Antoni at the 2013 Annual Artists’ Interviews (October 2012)

Michael Corris, Incoming Art Journal Reviews Editor (September 2012)

The Digital World Meets Art History at Princeton University (August 2012)

Kirk Ambrose, Incoming Editor-in-Chief of The Art Bulletin (August 2012)

The Remarkable Journey of Judy Peter (July 2012)

Survey Results on Contingent Faculty in Higher Education (June 2012)

Hung(a)ry for Art: Dóra Sallay (May 2012)

The State of CAA: A Report from the Executive Director (March 2012)

Notes on the Panel “The Reluctant Doctorate: PhD Programs for Artists?” (November 2011)

Human Rights and Cultural Heritage: From the Holocaust to the Haitian Earthquake (May 2011)

Hide/Seek: Museums, Ethics, and the Press (April 2011)

William Tabler and the New York Hilton (January 2011)

CAA Visits Art Schools and Art-History Departments in New York and Philadelphia (December 2010)

October SECAC/MACAA and Arts Education Conferences (November 2010)

Getty-Sponsored Meetings on the Future of Art Bibliography (June 2010)

Online Career Center Job Statistics (February 2010)

Google Book Settlement (November 2009)

Leading the Full Life: Balancing Career and Family (September 2009)

Unusual Art Spaces in Los Angeles (November 2008)

caa.reviews at Ten Years (September 2008)

Contemporary Art Galleries in Downtown Los Angeles (September 2008)

Los Angeles Art Magazine Editors in Conversation (July 2008)

Liz Kotz, New Art Journal Reviews Editor (May 2007)

The World Trade Center Remembered (November 2001)

Board of Directors Meetings

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