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The Publications Committee oversees CAA’s publishing activities and supervises the editorial boards of The Art BulletinArt Journal, and, the juries of the Millard Meiss Publication Fund and Wyeth Foundation for American Art Publication Grant, and other projects.

The committee comprises seven voting and five nonvoting members: the vice president for publications (chair); the chairs of the Art BulletinArt Journal, and Editorial Boards; one CAA board member; two CAA members at large (new appointees pending); the editors-in-chief of The Art BulletinArt Journal, and (nonvoting); and the CAA executive director, director of publications, and editorial director (nonvoting).


Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, University of Delaware, The Art Bulletin Editor-in-Chief (ex officio)
Juliet Bellow, American University,, Editor-in-Chief 
Rebecca Brown, Johns Hopkins University, Art Journal Editor-in-Chief (ex officio)
Hunter O’Hanian, Executive Director (ex officio)
Joe Hannan, Editorial Director (ex officio)
Deborah Hutton, The College of New Jersey
Tirza Latimer, California College of the Arts, Art Journal Editorial Board Chair 
Emily Shapiro, Archives of American Art Journal, CAA member-at-large
Roberto Tejada, University of Houston, CAA Board of Directors 
Laura Weigert, Rutgers University, Art Bulletin Rachel Weiss, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, CAA Vice President for Publications, Chair 
Andrés Zervigón, Rutgers University, CAA Board of Directors


Please direct all queries regarding the Publications Committee to Daniel Tsai, publications and programs administrator.