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Celebrating CAA’s One-Hundredth Anniversary

The Eye, the Hand, the Mind: 100 Years of the College Art Association

Back row: Roger Crum, Paul Jaskot, W. Jackson Rushing III, Christine L. Sundt, Nicola M. Courtright, Michael Aurbach, Leslie Bellavance. 2nd row down: Anne Collins Goodyear, Jacqueline Francis, Ellen K. Levy, Irina D. Costache, Judith Thorpe, Jean Miller. 3rd Row down: Ruth Weisberg, Linda Downs, Dennis Ichiyama, Barbara Nesin. Bottom Row: Jeffery P. Cunard, Sue Gollifer. (photograph by Bradley Marks)

The College Art Association kicked off its Centennial year in February at the 2011 Annual Conference in New York. The celebration will continue throughout the year and conclude at the 2012 Annual Conference in Los Angeles, taking place February 22–25.

Originally formed in 1911 as an advocacy group to address standardization of academic courses in studio practice and art history, CAA began engaging the needs of teaching artists and scholars by establishing an Annual Conference and publishing a journal, The Art Bulletin. Soon after, the organization created and issued authoritative statements on professional, ethical, and practical matters, began advocating for the visual arts on the national and international levels, and much more. Today CAA serves more than fifteen thousand individual and institutional members, which include artists, scholars, curators, educators, critics, and students as well as colleges, universities, libraries, museums, and research centers.

Case Statement

CAA has published a Case Statement that presents a brief history of the organization, outlines recent Centennial activities, and describes future programs and projects.

The Eye, the Hand, the Mind

The Eye, the Hand, the Mind: 100 Years of the College Art Association

Susan Ball, ed., The Eye, the Hand, the Mind: 100 Years of the College Art Association

Edited by Susan Ball, executive director emerita, The Eye, the Hand, the Mind: 100 Years of the College Art Association surveys the impressive history of the organization from 1911 to the present in 330 pages. Written by artists and scholars who have worked closely with CAA over the last few decades, the book offers not a comprehensive history but rather a presentation of memorable highlights that tells the complex, contentious story of a venerable organization.

Centennial Interviews

In conjunction with the publication of The Eye, the Hand, the Mind, CAA has been conducting short email interviews with the many contributors to give an overview of the book’s diverse components. The artist Ellen K. Levy and the art historians Paul B. Jaskot, Matthew Israel, and Karen J. Leader have participated thus far, with additional interviews to be published later in the spring and summer of CAA’s Centennial year.

Centennial Awards

The Board of Directors has selected five extraordinary individuals—Philippe de Montebello, Agnes Gund, Dorothy and Herbert Vogel, and Stuart E. Eizenstat—as the distinguished recipients of four Centennial Awards in recognition of the extraordinary time and expertise they have contributed to the visual arts in New York and across the nation. Special guests presented the awards to the recipients during Convocation at the 2011 Annual Conference.

Centennial Campaign

A one-hundredth anniversary is a celebratory landmark for any organization but particularly so given CAA’s dynamic influence in shaping the study and practice of the visual arts. Without dedicated members like you, CAA would not be where it is today. You can continue demonstrating your loyal support with a contribution to the Centennial Campaign.

Art Bulletin Centennial Anthology

The Art Bulletin Editorial Board chose to feature thirty-eight essays and reviews from the journal, which has been in print since 1913, for its “Centennial Anthology of The Art Bulletin.” As Natalie Kampen notes in her introduction to the project, the articles are “the ones that made a difference to us as art historians and as people.” The articles are listed chronologically, with author, title, and a link to a PDF of the full text. Among the authors are Meyer Schapiro, Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Linda Nochlin, James S. Ackerman, and Griselda Pollock.

Art Journal Centennial Anthology

Art Journal 1960

The Art Journal Editorial Board selected Robert Jay Wolff’s “The Great White Way” from Fall 1960 for its Centennial anthology

Art Journal’s project is in two parts. The first is an extended essay by Howard Singerman, called “Art Journal at Fifty,” that traces the history and shifting identities of the journal and its predecessor titles, Parnassus and College Art Journal. The author of Art Subjects: Making Artists in the American University, Singerman is current reviews editor of Art Journal.

To complement the essay, members of the editorial board selected texts and artists’ projects from past issues for “A Baker’s Dozen from the Archives” and wrote brief introductory texts to them. As the editor-in-chief Katy Siegel writes, “Some feature familiar names attached to much-cited touchstones, while others, we hope, will come as a surprise.”

caa.reviews Centennial Anthology

The editorial board of caa.reviews took a different tack, one that reflects the journal’s born-digital nature. Current and past editors of the journal penned texts to introduce statistically relevant reviews. For each of the dozen years of publication, the “caa.reviews Centennial Project” includes the one review that was read the most over a three-year period. The topics of the reviews in the anthology vary from installation art to Islamic architecture and reflect the diverse range of expertise of the journal’s numerous commissioning editors.

2011 Annual Conference

CAA launched its Centennial year at the 99th Annual Conference, held February 9–12, 2011, in New York. Among the special events were seven Centennial Sessions in which major artists, scholars, and other professionals in the visual arts discussed core concepts such as diversity, experience, feminism, globalization, medium, technology, and tradition.

2012 Annual Conference

CAA completes its Centennial year at the 100th Annual Conference, taking place February 22–25, 2012, in Los Angeles, California. Most sessions will be located in the Los Angeles Convention Center, with events taking place at schools, museums, and institutions in the city and across southern California.

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